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A Summer School providing opportunities for adventure-based, experiential learning.  Explore our website to learn more about us.


MTN School News

The back to school buzz is upon us, and we will be there for you.  The ideals and Mission Statement of The Mountain School were born at Two Rivers Community School.  We've honed and refined them over three years spent in the wild places of the Western Slope and will now offer the same mindful, adventure-based childcare at Glenwood Springs Elementary, Sopris Elementary, and Riverview School.  Please register for the site and connect with us to learn more about upcoming programming.

Epic Summer Session coming to a close while we build up for a great After-School cycle.  Back to School... Back to School...

We are a bit more limited on time (3:30 to 5:15 PM, and 2:00 to 5:15 on Wednesdays) as compared to the long days of Summer. But we look forward to providing mindful, adventure-based childcare for your students and providing consistency for your family.


"Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire."

William Butler Yeats


Mission Statement

The Mountain School vision

To encourage students to learn in and connect with our mountains, rivers, and wild places.  To create a community that promotes time for children to explore and lead their own learning.  To maintain an academic, mindful approach to adventure and field studies.


Scholarships and Work-Study

The Passion of Education

The Mountain School is for EVERYONE.  Please contact us to learn more about scholarships, discounts, and work-study.  Our intention is to make this work for all members of the community.

Diversity of background and experience make life rich and satisfying.  We will promote multicultural and cross-age experiences every chance we get.

The Mountain School is for EVERYONE!



Discovery and Learning

Each week of the Summer will be based on a different topic of experience.  Week 1 will focus on trees, especially the interesting research on tree communities and tree communication in The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben.  I have many years of experience studying trees closely, and have authored lesson plans to engage students in this field.

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