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4/29-5/24: TRCS Activity Schedule

Last Day of Mountain School After-School is 5/24. Please call me if you have questions. 

Approaching springtime with joyful enthusiasm, ending strong, keeping the fun plans and projects rolling. Plenty of projects to finish up, new games to play, and outdoor adventures to go on. 

Please start sending your child with sun smart clothing, water, bottles, sunscreen, and any other gear that will keep them comfortable during the sunny afternoons. 

Thank you to all TRCS Mountain School families for an excellent school year. I appreciate all of you and am very thankful for the concise communication.    


Monday: Free Read & Read-a-Loud with the littles

  • Bring your favorite book! 

  • Learning Target: I can read one sentence and tell the vowels I see 

Tuesday: Kickball 

  • Learning Target: I can use words of encouragement while playing a team game   

Wednesday: Canyon Creek Field Study 

  • Learning Target: I can describe different Trout Species in Colorado 

                              I can explain what a watershed is

Thursday: Dino Chalk Walk - Cretaceous Period Scene

  • Learning Target: I can explain the 3 Dinosaur Periods 

Friday: Leave No Trace - TRCS Clean Up 

  • Learning Target: I can look for trash and recognize the need to keep our planet clean


Monday: Math with Movement - Bean Bag Place Value Activity

  • Learning Target: I can understand place values by creating a number with bean bags  

Tuesday: Solar Systems - Pencil Prep & Chalk Creation 

  • Learning Target: I can pre draw and redraw one planet

                              I can be artistic   

Wednesday: Grizzly Creek Field Study 

  • Learning Target: Forest Fire cause/effect 

                             I can describe another cause and effect in the natural world 

Thursday: Mothers Day Art Project/Cards

  • Learning Target: I can write a paragraph demonstrating kindness    

Friday: Ultimate Playground Afternoon - Wall Ball 

  • Learning Target: I can include new friends 


Monday: Creative Writing with Mrs.Beaver - Free Read

  • Learning Target: I can listen and be creative   

Tuesday: Tying Knots 

  • Learning Targets: I can listen and use the skills i learned to tie my own bowline knot 

Wednesday: Mitchell Creek Fish Hatchery

  • Learning Target: I can identify 3 different types of plants and flowers (flora & fauna)

Thursday: Stomp Rocket 

  • Learning Target: I can describe why when stomped on my rocket shoots into the air  

Friday: Rope Swinging (into the weekend)

  • Learning Target: I can explain external force (physics of a swing)


Monday: Creative Writing with Mrs.Beaver

  • Learning Target: I can write a creative paragraph 

                                      I can choose a creative theme to write about  

Tuesday: Wooden Car Race of the Century

  • Learning Target: I can work with my team 

                              I can build a car that's weight  

Wednesday: Wiffleball

  •  Learning Target: I can demonstrate sportsmanship while playing a team game 

Thursday: Field Day

  • Learning Target: I can tell the group a school year story and give a friend an appreciation  

  • Water Games 

  • Prizes 

  • Snacks  

Friday: Field Day Part 2….. because why not 

-Mountain School Team

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