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5/15-5/26: Sopris Elementary Activity Schedule

May 15th-19th 3/15- Mindful Monday: Mrs. Brookes Art Class!

  • Sun Catcher Paint & Create

3/16- Team Building Tuesday: MTN School Fort Building

  • Check up on our fort!

  • Decorate & Final Touches

3/17- Wandering Wednesday: TRCS vs GSES vs Sopris Scavenger Hunt of the Century!

3/18- Let's Talk Thursday: Let's talk about Backpacking!

  • How to pack a pack

  • Important Gear

  • Can you carry the heavy pack?

3/19- Free Time Friday: Sopris Elementary Carnival

  • I wouldn't want the MTN School students to miss out so I will take them to the carnival from 3:30-5:15! (pick up location will remain the same)

May 22nd-26th 3/22- Mindful Monday: Mud Paint Art Project

3/23- Let's Talk Tuesday: Sopris Crew Round Table

  • Ask the teacher a Question

  • Mindful Discussion about moving into a new grade

  • Gearing Up for Summer!

  • Summer Safety

3/24- Wandering Wednesday: Hayes Creek Falls

  • Safety Plan

  • Searching for different rocks and minerals.

  • Nature Observation

  • Pit Stop at Penny Hot Springs

3/25- Trekking Thursday: 3 Mile Creek & Roaring Fork River

  • Safety Plan

  • Observe water level and current

  • Rock Skipping

  • Rock Chuck Championship Tournament

3/26- Last Day of MTN School: Sopris Crew Party

  • Parents, you are invited!

  • Yummy Snacks

  • Free Time on the Playground

Reminder: Our last day of after-school coverage is 5/26. Summer is knocking on the door and our team will continue summer programming preparation.


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