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Are you ready!?

Summer is here!

Please download and follow the Mountain School on the Dine App.

Pick Up & Drop Off Info

Please text one of our excellent teachers when you drop your child off in the morning. Same format for pick up, when you pick your child up send one of our teachers a text. This is a standard procedure that needs to be accomplished daily. It is for all of our safety!

Here are teacher cell numbers to save into your contacts.

Ben Canady: 970-989-4238

Shane Heater: 610-428-4653

Drop Off: 8am

Pick Up: 4:30-5pm

(Early pickups, especially at our trip locations are highly discouraged.)

Two River Community School

195 Center Drive, Glenwood Springs CO, 81601

Daily Gear

Please make sure your child is prepared daily with the proper gear.

  • Lotion sunscreen is best for the summer! Spray highly discouraged. Make sure you send your child with personal sunscreen. (MTN School Teachers will carry extra sunscreen). Sun protection clothing is important as well.

  • Water bottles are important. Reusable water bottles or water bladders are the way to go. Each morning before we head out students will fill their bottles and screw on the lid tightly to avoid spills throughout the day. Students should have at least two water bottles! Freeze one to save for 1PM.

  • Other Gear:

Sun Shirt


Proper Footwear (hiking boots, hiking shoes, sneakers)


Lunch & Extra Snacks (We will not distribute snacks due to allergy and public health concerns.

Student Homework

1. I can read the schedule daily and come to Mountain School prepared.

2. I can send a picture of my gear to my Mountain School teachers before the first day.

3. I can create a list of 5 songs, and hand it in on my first day.


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Emily Stec
Emily Stec
Jun 05, 2023

We are excited!

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