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Bird's Eye View- A Summer Perspective

Dear MTN School Family,

I started The Mountain School with a simple but powerful idea in mind: Get kids outside, get them active, and take them to great places where a mindful and academic mentality will grow. Whenever we talk about what we are doing for kids in these settings, the word "empower" always comes up. Every Summer I see friendships, community, and empowered, happy kids. I can't wait to do it all again.

Instead of starting open enrollment, I'd like to ask that you call or write with ideas about your Summer plans. We expect to see lots of returning families, and some great new ones too. As always, my hope is to add students who plan to attend four and five days in the week so we can achieve some consistency.

I'd also like to listen to you all and write tailored plans beginning now so that we can focus on kids, activities and safety when Summer comes.

We have three overnight camping trips planned already, and up to 30 kids can attend per day.


Ben Canady

Owner and Director of The Mountain School


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