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Catch as catch can

We had a great first day:

Rules, windproofing, Mandalas, Dora the Explorer and the Silver Surfer, first aid kits, and lots of new friendships made.

Our Counselors/Teachers/Recent CMC Graduates are wonderful and the kids called that early on. Shane Heater and Mira Hannum

Our returning Teacher Brooke Knutson is better than ever after a year studying at Western Colorado University in Gunnison.

Please notice our late return from The Black Canyon on Friday. Will try to be earlier and will text to share our progress. Please tell your kids “The Black” is a scuzzy hole in the ground :)

Big B’s tour planned in Paonia on the way out. Send a produce list...

Also please note the next Friday, 6/11, there are several spaces left for a smaller group camping trip at Bogan Flats.

Happut Summer, y’all!


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Elliott Woolley
Elliott Woolley

See you tomorrow!👋 😊 —Elliott Woolley

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