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Homework Assignment #1

Please use this picture as an exemplar and do your HW exactly the same. Copy me!!

This is my bike. His name is Shadowfax and he is ready for MTN School! He had new tubes and tires. He even has a new extension above the handlebars to let me stand up a little straight and to see who is riding close to me!

He is lying down GEAR SIDE UP. He is off the trail! He has my helmet and bike gloves clipped to the spokes of the front tire. They are safe and won’t be lost this way. Also, I can’t just pick him up and ride until my Teacher says and does so. We will all walk our bikes together to start. We will look, breathe, and notice the signals. First with our eyes on our Teachers!

We will ride “sandwich style” with Teachers as the bread. We will know where we are going and who is in front and behind us. We will not pass. We will trust that our lead Teacher will stop and wait. We will stop, rest, and talk all the time because there are so many things to see.

Shadowfax has ridden more than 1,500 miles on Middle Earth ;) He is trustworthy and cared for. I pulled on both wheels to make sure they didn’t move a bit. His brakes and gears are clean and nice.

Inside my bike pack I have:

-bike tools

-extra tubes

-extra water (frozen bottle for 1:30 every afternoon)

-sun protection

-a small stack of index cards I will keep writing on later.

-a pencil or pen

- walkie talkies

- my lunch- I made it myself and I’m going to eat it all. I’m also going to clean up all trash and micro trash. I’m going to windproof my lunch so nothing blows away.

Okay! Now you guys take a picture of your bike and gear. Write a list to say what is in your pack. Practice tying straps up so they are not close to gears or brakes. I would never hang anything from my handlebars.

Show everyone you are ready. Your parents can help you reply here or in the group email they’ve all read by now.

It‘s going to be a great Summer!

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What’s in my pack:


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