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Last week of the Summer!

Hi my name is Shane Heater one of the everyday counselors with the Moutain School. This has been an amazing summer for me! I have learned a lot and have had many great experiences. I plan on being an involved member of the Moutain School team for years to come!

Today we hiked Lorax Trail and experienced all the high desert had to offer. After sweating throughout the morning we stopped for lunch and took some time building a Nature Mandala!

Introducing Bling Bubbles the turtle!!!!!

The rest of the week will look like this...

8/10- Bike Day at Yurt Pump Track

8/11- Bike Day at Crown Mtn. Bike Park

8/12- Bike Day at Coal Creek in Redstone

8/13- Last Day of Camp Adventure Park Day (families that have season passes please send your kids with the pass, also families should send kids with money)

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdsy are all bike days, so please make sure your child comes prepared and ready to ride!

Thank You!


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