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March 21, Glenwood Springs History Day- Lesson Planning

Dear MTN School family,

We are sitting by the fire and I thought I'd share a few plans for one of our full-day Spring Break trips. We're committed to adding academic content, learning targets, and kid-friendly activities to the Spring Break run and during the Summer. This is the part of planning we love!! And in case anyone needs something to do on a cloudy day before the snow falls, please read the timeline below and do a quick google search to learn more and build background knowledge!

Learning Target- I can brainstorm and edit a list of "best behaviors" to make my field trip to the Glenwood Springs History Museum (Frontier Museum) at 10AM. (I can take a few notes while listening to our guides.)

Learning Target- I can draw a map of the sites we plan to visit to learn about Glenwood Springs History.

(Students will use clipboards and paper to identify cardinal directions, orient themselves from the Red Mountain second bench view, and mark sites such as the Vapor Caves, Hot Springs Pool, Hotel Colorado and more current locations.)

(Key Questions: Which of these landmarks are still the same as in 1888? What changes to life in Glenwood Springs led to a change in the cityscape? What changes should come in the future to keep citizens of Glenwood Springs healthy and happy? How has the average family changed in Glenwood Springs between 1860 and the present? Why do we need to know about History?)

Bonus: work with Mr. Ben and Mr. Shane to establish a scale or mathematical conversion to estimate distances and include them as a guide or key to our map. OR add artistic elements to make your map visually appealing and unique.

Prizes for best, focused effort and best final product. More specific grading points to be shared before we start. Visual aids to be shared as exemplars.


Learning Target- I can remember at least two details from the timeline and share a fact with my family.

1860- Richard Sopris visits the Roaring Fork Valley. What does he see?

1880- James Landis camps on the Hot Springs site. Who was living there before?

1882- Prospecting begins in Carbonate, Colorado. What is prospecting? Why is mining important to Colorado history?

1883- First meeting of Garfield County Commissioners. Who are the Commissioners today?

1887- First trains and railway in Glenwood Springs

1891- State Bridge on Grand Avenue opens. What changes have we seen to the bridge in recent years?

Learning Target- I can help my friends set up with Doc Holliday stick-on moustaches, bonnets, Miner clothes, and frontier get ups!

Homework- We will provide the moustaches and as many fun, old-timey clothes as possible, but please prepare by bringing at least one hat, shirt, or bonnet :)

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