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Moose gives a Homework assignment

Dear MTN School family,

T-Minus 12 days until we meet and begin our Mountain School Summer. Can't wait to see the planning and ideas become reality this June.

Homework Assignment #1:

- Work as a family Team to write and share a list of great songs for the MTN School playlist.

- Gather gear and take an inventory as follows:

> Sun hat, sun clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses

> Hydration gear- minimum 32 oz, leak-proof bottle. Add a Hydration

bladder/Camelbak if sure it is leak-proof. Get in the habit of freezing a bottle

or second bottle the night before trips.

> Lunch gear- best not to use large, padded lunch boxes. They take up too much

room in packs. We will train kids to eat and clean up what they bring.

> Sandals- back straps not flip flops. Water shoes with closed toes also great.

> Quick dry clothing- we will cool off in the rivers often.

> Books/Notebooks- small book to fit in pack, small notebook for sketching/notes.

Field Guides are always great to bring as well.

> Bike gear: spare tubes, small bike tool, small crescent wrench. Teachers and

Counselors will have these tools, but it's excellent for kids to have them too.

> First Aid kit- Again, we will provide first aid supplies as needed, and we plan to

build our own kits from bulk supplies, but it's great for kids to be prepared.

- Paperwork: Vaccination records, completed Admission Forms (Available as hard copies beginning June 1).

The pick up and drop off times (8 and 5 at TRCS) will be busy, so let's do the best we can to keep everyone moving. Please write me and plan to check the website blog for relevant information. July schedule is nearly complete and will include three days rafting with Defiance Rafting Company and some 4H activities in Silt.

Otherwise, we will add a climbing day above Camp Hale near Leadville while we maintain our early-week Get Air and late-week Eagle Climbing gym pattern. I'm also very excited about the Indoor Archery dates planned for Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Downtown Glenwood with Glenwood Outdoors.

Okay, last bit of HW:

Collect lightly used gear like that listed above. Kids are going to lose and misplace hats and sunscreen no matter what we do, but it would be great to see extra bike helmets or packs have a new trail life this Summer. I will spend Sunday and Monday setting up our classrooms and storing things that will come into play.

Thank you!


Ben and the MTN School Team


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