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MTN School Fall Backpacking Trip

The 22-23 school year is upon us. I hope everyone is adjusting smoothly to their school year schedules!

The Mountain School Team is working on a fall backpacking plan that will be held from 9/30-10/2. This post was published to see who is interested in signing up!

We will want to obtain a minimum of 6 students, and enrollment cost will be $250 for the entire weekend.

We will pick students up Friday 9/30 at 7pm and head up to the Yurt for our first night. Saturday 10/1 we will backpack towards a secret Forest Service trail that will lead us to a breathtaking Aspen tree forest! Sunday 10/2 we will pack up and head back to prepare for parent pick up by noon.

If you and your child are interested in this awesome adventure please contact us so we can gage interest for this trip!

Shane Heater:



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