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So much to smile about

Thursday supergroup at Crystal River Ranch

Kuba Bismark with a kamikaze Brown Trout

Benjamin Bismark and the one that got away

Zach Campagna muscling a healthy meal for distribution in Parachute

We packed more than 600 large bags and understood that food-compromised families in our valleys need help.

Grow food not lawns. Sage and Cleo Jarman taking care of the plant babies.

Mr. Calkins and Hayden Roff running laps in Redstone. Full send on the new trail system.

Ms. Hannum in her element. Mira is a fantastic Teacher and caregiver. The kids love her.

Photo credit Shane Heater. Shane is the cornerstone of our Summer. He is a great role model, a hard-worker, a quick-study, and a huge asset to our kids and community. Found their meadow.

We are the safest, slow-rollin’ convoy in town.

Ms. McKenzie Goldsmith is a great photographer, veteran Teacher, and energetic Outdoor Educator. Her idea to switch us over to the Monkey House in Carbondale means a lot.

Shelby Hennessy. Ultra-focused. Favorite song: Levitate.

Ethan Canady. Future first ascents the world over.

Julian Gilley. Tenacious, teammate. Future rope gun.


Super Dad Brent Curtis invited us to his Blacksmith studio where the kids were amazed to see a new world.

Ryder McCormick beginning his apprenticeship.

Fun with compressed air.

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So! Much! Fun! Mtn school is the best!! Feeling so fortunate our kids get to have so many great experiences on their summer break (and jealous! I wanna be a teacher next summer;)

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