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Sopris After-School: 4/25-5/12

Sopris Mountain School Families,

Here is what the activity/lesson schedule will look like for the next few weeks! Hydration and sunscreen application will be a main focus for the group as well as finishing strong. Summer is right around the corner! April 25th-28th: - Team Building Tuesday: "Secret" MTN School Fort Project

  • Students will display teamwork, communication, and words of encouragement

  • Goals:

    • Fix

    • Camouflage

    • Decorate

- Wandering Wednesday: Visit TRCS or GSES

  • Kickball

  • Predator VS Prey

- Let's Talk Thursday: Colorado WildFlowers Learning Targets:

  • How do wildflowers grow & sustain themselves?

  • How do wildflowers survive the winter months?

  • Columbine (how to identify)

  • Indian Paintbrush (how to identify)

  • Yellow & Purple Daisy (how to identify)

- Free Time Friday: The Ultimate Playground Afternoon May 1st-5th:

- Mindful Monday: Trash Pick Up around Sopris Elementary

  • Students will work in teams.

  • Students will help clean up their school!

- Team Building Tuesday: Field Trip to GSES - Wandering Wednesday: Babbish Gulch Field Trip

  • Silently Search for Wildlife

  • Look for Blooming Wildflowers

  • Insect Hunt

- Let's Talk Thursday: Let's talk about Colorado Water Resources

  • How many states pull water from the Colorado River? Can you name these states?

- Free Time Friday: Roaring Fork River Journey May 8th-12th:

- Mindful Monday: Mindful Meditation Monday

  • Release your Energy Relay Race

  • Cloud Gazing

  • Group Yoga

- Team Building Tuesday: Field Trip to GSES

  • Capture the Flag

  • Kickball or Soccer! Sopris vs GSES

- Wandering Wednesday: Journey to the Crystal River

  • Stairway Park

  • Rivers of the Roaring Fork Valley

  • Rock Skipping (Form, Distance, & Style Points)

- Let's Talk Thursday: Wildlife Respect & Safety Lesson

  • How can we be mindful around animals in the wilderness?

  • Respect Distance Game

  • Wild Animal Safety Lesson

- Free Time Friday: The Ultimate Playground Afternoon

Thank you,


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