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Sopris Elementary After-School Schedule: 4/3-4/21

April 3rd-7th - Mindful Monday: Springtime Yoga

  • Students will practice different yoga poses and stretches.

- Team Building Tuesday: Spectacular and Stupendous Soccer!

  • Skills Practice

  • Score a Goal on the Teacher!

- Wandering Wednesday: Field Trip to GSES

- Let's Talk Thursday: Art in Nature

  • Students will spell out their name using nature materials!

- Free Time Friday: Students Choice! April 10th-14th - Mindful Monday: Indigenous Tribe Methods

  • Rock Stacking Lesson

  • Balance Discussion

- Team Building Tuesday: Lily Pad Leap

  • Students will utilize communication, words of encouragement, and respect!

- Wandering Wednesday: Field Trip to Canyon Creek MTN School Beach

  • Students will observe different types of trout at the spawning pond.

  • Search for the Mountain School Beach

  • Trash Pick Up (students will wear rubber gloves)

  • Mineral Hunt

- Let's Talk Thursday: Field Trip to TRCS & Wildlife Respect & Safety Lesson

  • How to be mindful around animals in the wilderness

  • Respect Distance Game

  • Wild Animal Safety Lesson

- Free Time Friday: Ultimate Playground Afternoon April 17th-21st - Mindful Monday: Cardiff Coke Oven Adventure

  • Walk & Talk

  • Students will observe blooming cacti.

  • Students can collect/search for basalt (lava rock) and petrified coal.

- Team Building Tuesday: Mountain School Fort Building Project

  • Students will work together to finish our MTN School Fort!

- Wandering Wednesday: Babbish Gulch Field Trip

  • Silently Search for Wildlife

  • Look for Blooming Wildflowers

  • Insect Hunt

- Let's Talk Thursday: Earth Day Appreciation

  • "Children of the Earth... Remember" Read Aloud

  • Planet Earth Art Activity

- April Break NO SCHOOL

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