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Sopris Elementary schedule: 9/18-10/6

We are off to a great start! Will ask them to focus up for some writing and public speaking before our 9/20 (Wednesday) KDNK Radio Show. Please tune in to 88.1 or 88.3 on Wednesday about 2:45.

9/18- Writing Prompt- think and turn/talk to brainstorm ideas: "I love my Teachers and School because..."

9/19- I will scribe and help the writing and composition. "Loud and Proud" videos to practice public speaking.

9/20- Drive to Carbondale. Tour KDNK Community Radio studio. Live Radioshow.

9/21- Debrief about Radio experience. Ice Cream Party.

9/22- River time and fishing

9/25 Monday- Sketching and drawing practice. Scripted Monday plans will follow same format.

9/26 Tuesday- Art elements added to cane poles- paint and wood-burning

9/27 Wednesday- Yurt Trip/Fall Color class pictures

9/28 Thursday- Apple Pie Party- We picked our own!

9/29 Friday- Miss Breezie day. Games at SES.

10/2 Monday- Sketching

10/3 Tuesday- Fishing and River time

10/4 Wednesday- Grizzly Creek hike and fishing

10/5 Thursday- Soccer game at GSES

10/6 Friday- Kid-friendly Yoga at SES

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