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TRCS 5/15-5/26

5/15 Monday- Willow tree cuttings and propagation

5/16 Tuesday- Computer Day! Teach each other one skill!

5/17 Wednesday- Sopris vs. TRCS vs. GSES Scavenger Hunt of the Century!!!

5/18 Thursday- Watch the G-Wave surfers. Sketch from a safe distance.

5/19 Friday- TRCS Relay Races (speed, problem-solving, critical thinking, strength, send me your champion)

5/22 Monday- Roped tree climbing. Bring a climbing harness if possible, please.

5/23 Tuesday- Azteca Trip plus TRCS grounds clean up

5/24 Wednesday- MTN School quiz of the Century!! Work in cross-age partnerships. Earn prizes for great work!

5/25 Thursday- Essays- What will the next school year be like? What will I do to help and succeed?

5/26 Friday- Kid Choice for the last day (Decide on reasonable plan by Wednesday.)

5/29-6/2- As published in January: NO AFTER SCHOOL COVERAGE. It's time to shift gears for Summer!

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