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TRCS Schedule 1/30 to 2/17

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Monday, 1/30- Sketching and Paper Football Tournament. Reading Circles

Tuesday, 1/31- Superbowl Tuesday with Coach Patrick

Wednesday, 2/1- GSES Gym Day

Thursday, 2/2- Sledding at Sayre Park (bring gloves and Winter gear.)

Friday, 2/3- Whiffle Ball and Football drills TRCS Gym

Monday, 2/6- Puzzle Day and Reading Circles

Tuesday, 2/7- Gravitrax build

Wednesday, 2/8- Yurt Trip (sledding and snow fort build)

Thursday, 2/9- MEL Science kits- Lab Day

Friday, 2/10- El Azteca trip

Monday, 2/13- Valentine's Day warm up- cards and drawing

Tuesday, 2/14- Valentine's Day Party

Wednesday, 2/15- Relay Races and Movie Day (PG will choose ahead based on participation and great attitudes)

Thursday, 2/16- Clean Up Day! TRCS grounds and classroom. If it's okay with everyone we will pay for great, persistent work and for completing clean up jobs.

Friday, 2/17- Show and Tell Gallery walk with unexpected things from Mr. Ben's collection 😂

We've had a good run lately and this week felt like normalcy. Kids pushed for more time outside, and that means we need to make sure they are prepared with cold weather gear and gloves. We will start most of these scheduled days with sone time outdoors. Looking forward to Spring!

And most of all, we're looking forward to adding Breezie Davis to our Team. The kids love her already and I will appreciate her help in the afternoons.

Happy Sunday evening to all!!


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