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TRCS Schedule 11/7 to Thanksgiving Break

11/7, Monday- Hot Chocolate recipe and research

11/8, Tuesday- Mitchell Creek nature walk

11/9, Wednesday- Yurt Trip. Reading Circles, kindling bundles

11/10, Thursday- Step-by-step sketching

11/11, Friday- Gregory Park relay races

11/14, Monday- Buena Suerté Cocoa Company

11/15, Tuesday- Buena Suerté Cocoa Company

11/16, Wednesday- Yurt Trip. Reading Circles and Gingerbread Men

11/17, Thursday- GSES gym visit

11/18, Friday- Board Games

It's been a lot of fun with an increasingly cohesive group after school. Don't forget Demonstrations of Learning are happening on Thursday night, 11/17, and that is such a great time. Also, please check the web store for details on full-day trips during Thanksgiving Break. Shane Heater will run those outings and he has space for just a few more students!

Happy Sunday evening!


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