TRCS schedule 8/22 to 9/2

8/22-Monday- Icebreakers, Norms and expectations. Tag each other with secret admirer messages and guess who wrote them.

8/23-Tuesday- Bus/travel norms. Trip to Storm King. Quick history lesson.

8/24- Fish Day Wednesday- anatomy, species of interest around the world. Mitchell Creek Hatchery trip.

8/25- Thursday- Step by step sketches/Peer Feedback Cycle. Gregory Park play

8/26-Friday- Draw your parents! Three drafts. Rose and thorn week 1 discussion.

8/29-Monday- Trip to Two Rivers park. Soccer.

8/30-Tuesday- Trip to Two Rivers park. Teeball.

8/31-Wednesday- Trip to Yurt and short hike above.

9/1-Thursday- Trees of the World. Science lesson. Sketch work. Notes.

9/2- Student choice. Earned during first two weeks.

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