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TRCS Schedule: 9/18-9/29


Monday: Who are you thankful for?!

  • Writing cards to someone that we are thankful for!

Tuesday: Good Luck Smoothie Company

  • Let's get creative and make some signs and banners!

  • Come to MTN School with some creative ideas

Wednesday: Solar System Scavenger Hunt

Homework- Solve the Riddles!

  1. I am blue, green, and a little brown. A tiny planet with life all around. I am the third planet from the sun. Other planets have many moons, but I have only one.

  2. 63 moons, that is a lot. I am known for a big red spot. This spot is a wind storm that spirals around. In the night sky is where I am found

Thursday: Good Luck Smoothie Company

  • Make Smoothies for Hispanic Heritage Night!

  • Stick around and help give out smoothies

Friday: Solar System Chalk Art


Monday: Lily Pad Leap & Operation Greenhouse

Tuesday: Perspective Drawing with Breezie

Wednesday: Constellation Scavenger Hunt

Fun Fact- There are 88 constellations in the night sky. Hydra is the largest constellation; Hydra is the water snake of the sky. Some stories say that Hydra was the water snake that Apollo battled.

Thursday: Egg Drop Tournament

  • Build our Egg Carrier

Homework- What is Isaac Newton's First Law of Motion?

Hand it in on Thursday!

Friday: Egg Drop Tournament

  • Test Drop & Final Drop, whose egg will survive without a single crack??


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