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TRCS Schedule: 9/6 through 9/16

9/6-Tuesday- Mitchell Creek Apple picking

9/7-Wednesday- Apple packing, trip to 3-Mile Beach

9/8-Thursday- T-Ball/Whifffle Ball at Two Rivers Park

9/9- Friday-Sketching and Peer Feedback Cycle. Food Waste platform introduction

9/12-Monday- Food Waste brainstorm session and food journals (outline posted prior to school start in blog.)

9/13-Tuesday- Food Waste study venue selection.

9/15-Wednesday- South Canyon beginner Archery trip. Small, easy bows.

9/16-Thursday- Show and Tell in two parts. Something about me and Food Waste changes/notes. Small items for backpacks only.

9/17-Friday- Sketching and Peer Feedback Cycle

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