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Welcome Winter! MTN School cruises into November.

Dear MTN School family,

Hope you've all had a great Halloween and start to November. Please stay in touch with questions and comments. I will do my best to keep the kids active, engaged, and in the best places while the season changes.

Schedule for November as follows:

Today, November 2- Whiffle Ball at Two Rivers Park

November 3- Contour lines and landscape sketching. Short hike on Storm King.

November 4- Penny Hot Springs and Hays Creek Falls in Redstone (Bring a towel and a suit if you want, or just sandals to test the water.)

November 5- Fishing on Colorado River at South Canyon

November 6- Art Friday

Monday, November 9- Reading circles at Gregory Park (Bring favorite books to share)

November 10- Pizza Party and Math with Movement at Gregory Park

November 11- Easy, beginner, safe rock climbing at No Name Canyon (Bring rock shoes or harness if you have your own, but we have lots and lots to share.)

November 12- Fishing at 3-Mile Creek Beach

November 13- Science Friday

Saturday, November 14- Parent's Night Out- We will host up to 15 kids at the Yurt from 5 PM to 10 PM. $30 per kid. Dinner included.

Monday, November 16- Red Mountain Run/Hike

November 17- Greenhouse clean, overhaul, Cold season garden replant TRCS

November 18- Yurt Day- Fire, Kick the Can, Hiding/Tracking games

November 19- Kid's choice (earned and determined during previous weeks)

November 20- Art Friday

November 23 to November 27- Thanksgiving Break (No MTN School)

December 21 to 24- MTN School ski season, Sunlight Mountain Pick up and Drop off every day at TRCS at 8AM and 5 PM- please call me to discuss and arrange.)


Weather might change some of these day to day plans, but the goal is to keep warmly-dressed kids (hat, gloves, puffy coats) out and in the fresh air every day that it is 20 degrees or warmer. This is completely manageable for Colorado kids, in my opinion, and certainly a safe option. We want to stay well and stay in school, and so far we've been able to do that.

Please remind your kids to wear their masks, especially, mandato

rily on the bus.

Please make sure you are current with November payments, and please use the weekly options on the website since we will not be together for the full month while we enjoy Thanksgiving Break.

Please stay in touch and send feedback. Kid's choice day, for example, is my attempt to formally push their ideas to the forefront, and I will ask them to earn those experiences, along with occasional treats, for responsible, helpful behaviors.

Everyone is doing so well, notably the littlest ones, all of whom have come so far since the start of this school year two and a half months ago.




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