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10/16-10/27: TRCS Activity Schedule


Monday: Operation Greenhouse

  • How does a greenhouse work in the winter?

  • Interesting Artifacts with Mr. Shane: Abalone Shell

Tuesday: 3 D Solar System Project

  • Blueprint

  • What's our plan?


  • Students lead their own learning while we work on building a cosmic 3 D model of our solar system.

Homework 10/17:

  1. Mercury- 3 interesting facts!

Wednesdays: Canyon Creek Adventure

  • Spawn Pond Observation

  • Granite, Basalt, Feldspar Hunt

  • River Pirates Play

Thursday: 3 D Solar System Project

  • Mercury Blueprint

Friday: Ultimate Tug of War Challenge

  • Teamwork Making the Dream Work


Monday: Spooky Halloween Stories

  • Creative Free Write

Tuesday: 3 D Solar System Project

  • Begin Building Sun Platform

Wednesdays: ITS GAME TIME!!!

  • Soccer at GSES

Thursday: 3 D Solar System Project:

  • Think, Discuss, Create

  • Finalize Sun Platform

  • Mercury Building

Friday: 3 D Solar System Project

  • Think, Discuss, Create

  • Mercury Building Continuation

-Mountain School Team

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