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10/2-10/13 TRCS After-School Schedule

Last week we began building our egg carriers on Thursday and Friday. Lots of students attend MTN School on different days so our official drop will be held on Monday and Tuesday. Special trip for the winners! Our goal was to build the best carriers we can to protect our egg. To ensure we are not wasting a food source there will be one drop per student. I will be near the front of the school Monday & Tuesday morning to collect Egg Carriers from students, so they do not have to hold onto them all day.

Grading Points: Construction, Participation, Egg Survival, First Law of Motion Recite


Monday: Friday: Egg Drop Tournament Round 1

  • The Final Drop

Tuesday: Egg Drop Tournament Round 2

  • Participants that missed Round 1 will get a chance to drop.

Wednesdays: Fall Color Experience

  • Observe what we see? Group Writing Activity

  • Group Photo

  • Surprise Trip for Egg Drop Winners

Thursday: Jupiter and The Great Red Spot

  • 10/5 Homework:

  1. Write a short story about Jupiter's Great Red Spot to share with the group.

Example: Once upon a time there was an old great red spot, it has been raging on Jupiter for hundreds of years! The spot was so old it was tired of raging, so the spot had an idea to jump to Saturn. "It's time to jump", said the great red spot. Saturn's rings shouted back "no way, don't bring that storm over here." If the great red spot jumped Saturn's rings would cause lots of damage. "Well, I guess I will jump to Mars," said the great red spot.

Friday: Students Choice!


Monday: Team Building

  • Pass Along Art

  • Tug of War

Tuesday: Breezie Bracelets

  • Bracelets for loved ones!

Wednesday: Solar System Project Introduction

  • Mercury Research

  • Solar System Blueprint

Thursday: Fall Break, No School

Friday: Fall Break, No School

- Mountain School Team

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