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2/26-3/29 - TRCS Schedule


Monday: STEM Sessions   


Tuesday: Nature Observation Hunt 

  • Wildlife Respect & Safety 

  • What is a keystone species? 

Wednesday: Operation Bobsled 

  • Test & Trial Run 

  • Cross Your Fingers for Snow

(If snow converge is lacking plans will change to Outdoor Obstacle Course & Quick Kickball)  

Thursday: Math with Movement Dodgeball - Dodgeball Tournament Teams - Creative Writing Free Write 


Friday: Wood Burning - Filmmaking Fridays Free Time   


Monday: Tidy the Greenhouse - Spring Garden Plan


Tuesday: Tidy the Greenhouse - Spring Garden Plan


Wednesday: Bird Feeder & Bird Box Build

  • Groups 

  • Blueprint 

  • What materials do we have? What materials do we need?    

Thursday: Ultimate Dodgeball Tournament Introduction


Friday: Filmmaking Fridays - Ultimate Playground Afternoon  


Monday: STEM Sessions

Tuesday: Totem Pole Woodburning - Reverse Hide & Seek

Wednesday:  Bird Feeder & Bird Box Build

  • Get in Groups 

  • Material Layout 

  • Build 

  • End of Day Clean Up    

Thursday: Ultimate Dodgeball Tournament  

Friday: Filmmaking Fridays - Woodburning - Creative Writing  


Monday: STEM Sessions

Tuesday: Film Presentation

Wednesday:  Bird Feeder & Bird Box Build

  • Continue Building 

  • Safe Spot to leave our project during Spring Break Week 

(students will rejoin project after spring break in hopes to put on display)      

Thursday: HALF DAY - MTN School Conference Coverage 12PM-6PM 

(students can join the group when parents are at conferences, Mr. Shane to host games and activities at TRCS until 6pm)    

Friday: NO SCHOOL - Conferences



-Mountain School Team

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