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2/27-3/24: Sopris Elementary After-School Schedule

February 27th-March 3rd: - 2/27 Mindful Monday: Graffiti Art

  • How to write your name Graffiti Style!

- 2/28 Team Building Tuesday: Build the Highest Tower

  • Lego Towers

  • Human Tower

- 3/1 Wandering Wednesday: Sledding Day!

  • Winter Clothing is required.

  • Students may bring their own sleds.

- 3/2 Let's Talk Thursday: Topographic Map Lesson & Activity

  • How to read Contour Lines

  • How to Identify Features: Peak, Cliff, Ridgeline, Valley Saddle, & Dense Vegetation

- 3/3 Free Time Friday: Students Choice

March 6th-10th:

- 3/6 Mindful Monday: Mud Art & Nature Mandalas

  • Search for Supplies

  • Strategize

  • Create

  • Present to the Group

- 3/7 Team Building Tuesday: Human Knot Activity

  • Students will practice Teamwork & Communication!

- 3/8 Wandering Wednesday: Field Trip to GSES

  • Clean up the Community.

  • Trash Pick Up Activity, GSES vs Sopris Crew

- 3/9 Let's Talk Thursday: Rock Talk

  • Identify Rocks

  • Learn about Rock Origins

- 3/10 Free Time Friday: Movie Day at Sopris Elementary

  • Movie: Planet Earth

  • Students should bring extra snacks!

March 13th-17th - 3/13 Mindful Monday: Silver Surfer Trip to Veltus Park

  • River Observation

  • Rock Hunting

  • Playground Activity

- 3/14 Team Building Tuesday: Knot Tying Lesson

  • Square Knot

  • Bowline Knot

  • Figure 8

  • Trucker's Hitch

- 3/15 Wandering Wednesday: MTN School Pizza Kitchen

  • Pizza Creation (Gluten Free Options)

  • MTN School Pizza Kitchen Delivery Service around Sopris Elementary

- 3/16 Free Time Thursday: The Ultimate Playground Afternoon - NO SCHOOL on 3/17 March 20th-24th - 3/20 Mindful Monday: Short Story Creation & Scene Drawing

  • Brainstorm Ideas

  • One paragraph short story

  • Draw a scene.

  • Present to the Group

- 3/21 Team Building Tuesday: Blindfold Trust Walk

  • Students will practice Teamwork & Listening Skills!

- 3/22 Wandering Wednesday: Field Trip to GSES

  • Wander on the Rio Grande Trail, Rio Grande History Discussion

  • Rock Hunting

  • Team Building Games at GSES

- 3/23 Let's Talk Thursday: Spring Break Safety & Springtime Games

  • Spring Break Safety Discussion

  • Predator vs Prey

  • Blind Tag

- 3/24 Free Time Friday: Movie Day at Sopris Elementary

  • Movie: The Incredibles

  • Students should bring extra snacks!


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