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8/21-9/1: MTN School TRCS Schedule

Ready to kick off the school year with style! Our team is excited to get the after-school season started.


Monday: Ice Breaker Games, Meeting New Friends, What would YOU like to do/learn in MTN School this year??

Tuesday: I Can….. Discussion, Fish Hatchery Adventure, What is a spawn pond?

Wednesday: Introduction to Gardening/Growing

- Glenwood Community Garden Adventure

- How can we take care of the TRCS greenhouse this year?

- Secret gardening project will be revealed…. (which school can grow the biggest jack o lantern??)

Thursday: TRCS 3-Legged Race of the Century, Nature Trust Walk, Teamwork makes the dream work!

Friday: Friendship Bracelets with Ms. Breezie & Basketball Skills


Monday: What does it mean to be mindful?

- Free Read (bring a book on 8/28!)

- Read-a-Loud for the littles

Tuesday: Spider Web Challenge

- How can we be team players?

- What does teamwork mean?

Wednesday: MTN School Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

- Sopris vs GSES vs TRCS

Thursday: Gardening/Growing Project, What's new in the TRCS Greenhouse? Mixing Soil

(If any families have compost to spare just drop it by the greenhouse anytime!)

Friday: Fun Friday, Predator VS Prey, Basketball Skills

- The Mountain School Team

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