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9/4-9/115: TRCS After-School Schedule


Monday: Happy Labor Day! NO SCHOOL

Tuesday: Indian Paintbrush or Geranium Art Project

Homework- Write 3 wildflowers you know, and write 3 facts about each wildflower.

-Bonus Points if your flower and fact blow Ms.Breezie's mind!!

Wednesday: Grizzly Creek Wildflower Walk (weather permitting)

Thursday: Operation Greenhouse

- What's new in the TRCS Greenhouse?

- Mixing Soil & Making Compost

Friday: Carbon Sugar Snake Science Experiment


Monday: Nature Mandala

Homework- What is Nature Mandala? Write down 3 nature mandala creation ideas to hand in.

Tuesday: Operation Greenhouse

- Evaporation Container Project

- How does a greenhouse work in the winter?

Wednesday: 4 mile Park Adventure

- Nature Walk, What will we see?

- Early Colorado Settlers, hands on learning. Shelter building.

Thursday: Make your own SunDial

- Nature SunDial

-Demonstrate the tilt of the Earth

Friday: Ultimate Playground Afternoon

- TRCS Trash Clean-up


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