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Babbish Gulch hike and 1.5 Mile downhill dirt road race.

Today was a Plan B day because the Grizzly Creek area is still unpredictable, and our Forest Service Guide was pulled into Sylvan Fire Duties. Such is life. Change is the only constant, and we’ve been talking with the kids about being prepared, shifting expectations, and staying stoked despite.

So we found ourselves at a familiar trailhead in what felt like a fresh, clean, rainforest setting. There was a happy buzz, and a lot of great conversation. We talked about Pangea and Laurentia, and the shifting tectonic faces of Earth. We talked about plants and insects that have shifted along with changing conditions. We took note of:


-Scarlet Gilia aka Skyrocket

-Mule’s Ear Sunflower


-Wild Rose

-Bracket Fungus

-Bolete Mushrooms

-Tiger Salamanders

-Sawyer Beetles




The Aspen/Fir Forest was shining with dew under cloudy skies. It was muddy. It smelled green and Earthy.

Sometimes our best trips are the closest, familiar haunts. Everyone had stories to share from past hikes. Everyone feels at home in our mountains.

After some proper Forest bathing, we were back at the trailhead and ready to race. They sprinted down by age groups to my spot at a shady finish line.

Youngest group winners:

1st- Killian Smith

2nd- Lewis Hood

3rd- Max Mauldin

8-10 group winners:

1st- Holly Snoddy

2nd- Aberle Hyatt

3rd- Gil Smith

11 and up winners:

1st- Owen Snoddy

2nd- Nash Hutto

3rd- Grayson Hyatt

So much fun today. The group is a team. There is a cohesive, multi-age vibe that feels inclusive and healthy. Kids are hilarious!

High Country Tiger Salamander. Colby Olson released her carefully.

Road race winners eating lunch and sketching.

Eating between jokes🤣

It’s the little things.

Flying friend.

Where the wild things are.

Alien Sawyer Beetle parked on Dora the Explorer.

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