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Bogan Flats Camping Trip Packing List

Students who are signed up for the overnight will camp from 7/31-8/2. Students who are not signed up for the overnight will hang back to participate in daily activities. What an excellent summer it has been, thank you all. Strong finish to a fantastic summer!

Gear List:

- Small tents- No larger than 4-person

- Sleeping gear (pillow, pad, bags)

- Sleeping clothes

- Headlamp

- Sun-protective clothing and hats


- Towel

- Notebook (for nature observation, wildlife ID, and wildflower ID)

- Lunch and snacks for travel times on Monday 7/31

- Water bottles

- Outdoor shoes & Water Shoes

- Sunscreen- no spray cans

While packing, encourage your camper to pack necessary items. Encourage your camper to think critically and come prepared.

-Shane & Mountain School Team

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