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Camping Trips coming up

Dear MTN School families,

We are having a great time. Kids are challenged and asked to persevere. They are making friends. They are, for the most part, managing themselves, as we repeat our rules and processes. Still, they are kids and there is an inherent messiness in the journey. Executive functioning is on the rise...

Friday, we will hold a typical session at TRCS, while 6-8 of us will leave for Bogan Flats for camping. All food and drinks provided, and we have three small tents to share. Kids should bring typical personal gear and sleeping gear. Please plan to pick up early at TRCS if possible. We are hoping to leave for the Marble area around 4, hopefully sooner.

We plan to be back to TRCS by Noon on Saturday and will update the group as to our ETA.

The same gear will apply for our two-night trip to Ruedi the 4th of July week. Please review earlier posts with relevant information about gear. Further details on the overnighters is available in the web store. We have time to sign up and plan ahead for water gear at Ruedi. A few additional chaperones are already on board and we have half of the Dearhamer Campground reserved.

Still processing the week and a half we have created for these kids, I’d ask only that you remind them to eat and drink and sunscreen. The picture above demonstrates that we are insisting on regular sits and reminders around the self-care aspects of our day. Still, kids who are keyed in to each other are prone to waste food and rush towards recess.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with our start, our fantastic new Teachers and our diverse and fairly epic trip execution. Up and down the trail on Sopris today, young and older hikers commented on the attitudes, preparation, Leave No Trace ethics, and trail etiquette.

Can't wait to witness the rest of the Summer unfolding.


Ben and the MTN School Team

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