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Chilly breeze is blowin' my thoughts to what's to come...

It's always a song lyric that switches me over. This time the Fall feels even more transitional than ever. We had a big Summer together and I reflect on that all the time. School is off to a variety of good starts, and I am noticing gracious, receptive learners all around me. It's really become a great chapter to take things as they are and make the most of them.

So we are well into our MTN School after school programming. Not a ton of time to work with the kids, but we have done a lot so far, and there's more in store. I just sent out a schedule for the next two weeks that includes hiking, archery, fishing, art, and Science Friday. We are having a great time, and I'm excited to go further.

Big Dates upcoming! All are welcome!!

1) Saturday, 10/3- MTN School Biathlon (10AM start)

Meet at the Yurt to start with water and healthy snacks before we preview the course for the kids. Depending on age level, I'm planning laps around the 1/4 mile pump track on mountain bikes before riding uphill into the National Forest. At the high point, we will set up and monitor Archery with targets in the meadow. One successful, age-appropriate shot, and they're back downhill to the finish line. Total distance is 2.5 miles, easily right-sized for various ages.

Great prizes thought out for 1,2, and 3 place winners along with participation prizes, sportsmanship, teamwork... We want to promote and capture the good behaviors.

Please plan to support, volunteer, or participate, or plan to take the mid-morning off. We will manage and protect all participants.

2) Saturday, 10/10- Parent's Night Out (4PM to 10PM)

Please drop your kids off (Ages 6-14) for:

Pizza and dessert

Biking on the pump track

Art Activities

Fire in the Yurt stove


Movie Night (age appropriate movie TBD)

For both dates, please check the website for pricing and availability. I'm planning for 15-20 participants, but would be happy to host even if the demand is less. Based on your feedback and input, I'd like to offer purposeful childcare once a month or so. What would be helpful?

Happy Fall to all!!


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