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Conquering the Cold!!!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

This morning started off cold and I piled all the students into the van to keep them warm. Then we began our trek to McClure Pass! We reached the pass at 8,770 ft, it was snowy and cold. We embraced the cold and began our hike through the pine and aspen trees. We hiked 3 miles until we reached a good spot to stop for lunch.

After our bellies were full we decided to head back to the van due to some cold feet and hands! The students were relieved to see the van after our hike! They all jumped in to enjoy the heat!

Then we headed to penny hot springs to dip our feet in! While at the hot springs we learned how the sulfer enters the crystal river, and discussed what sulfer is. After a long eventful day we headed back to Sopris Elementary for pick up time! Today was cold but it was full of fun adventures!

I wanna thank all the parents for signing your kids up. This was a great opportunity for me to grow as a counselor with the Mounatin School. There will be plenty of more trips like this to come! I also want to thank all the parents for great communication. Besides the cold weather we all had a blast!

Check the Mountain School blog and website for updates on future events. There will be more full day coverage being offered in the month of November!


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