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Depth and Complexity- Schedule updates (July 12-16)

Monday, July 12- Bikes to TRCS. We are going to forego the Dotsero Crater bike trip and ride out from TRCS in various groups. Please plan to leave a bike at TRCS for use later in the week. Chain and combination 2-4-14. Likely to swim in the river to cool off during our rides.

Tuesday, July 13- Defiance Rafting float. Quick-dry clothing, sun hats. If you are unsure about your youngest kids attending, please go with your instinct.

Wednesday, July 14- Indoor Archery for half the group with an option to hang back to read, garden, and have some art time for the little ones. Students heading to archery should plan to ride bikes to the Glenwood Outdoors facility in downtown.

Also on Wednesday, the Silver Surfer will carry 13-14 kids to Parachute to volunteer for Lift Up. They were thrilled with our energy and focused work last time!

Thursday, July 15- Redstone (Secret Waterfall, climbing, beach, and small number of proficient mountain bikers on the new Coal Basin Trail System.)

Friday, July 16- Indoor climbing venue is changing from Eagle (drive, canyon traffic, mudslides...) to The Monkey House in Carbondale. Support Local.

Monkey House waiver is online:


We are working out dates for a movie in El Jebel. Might need some signatures for PG13 for the older kids. Hopefully that experience will land on July 29 when attendance is high and I am out of town to officiate a wedding in Virginia.

Redstone climbing is planned for July 19 again. It went very well last time, and I think we can take 12 to 14 mountain bikes up this time. Rotating between the two will feel good.

Wednesday, July 21 will shift from Independence Pass to Glenwood Canyon if all goes well. Aspen is very busy for a big group, so we might take just one vehicle.

Thursday, July 22 will change from Eagle to Carbondale for indoor climbing.

We've added a local history guide, Manette Anderson, for our Crystal Mill hike on July 23. Manette was an instrumental, wise voice as we started Two Rivers Community School nine years ago. I can't wait to audit her class this Summer!

August: I turned off website availability to make room for the kids of Teacher-friends. Shane and I will be ramping down our volume in Summer and ramping up for the after-school programming. Please do share our good news with anyone who needs help after school at either TRCS, GSES, Sopris, or Riverview.

Lastly, I might work out a refund for the few signed up for two nights at Arches National Park. The two previous camping trips were excellent and fun for all, but it's too much to extend our best people and resources when a low percentage of families sign up for the overnight camping trips.

Summer Stoke, y'all!

Please stay in touch and thank you for helping us build this Summer together.


The Mountain School Team

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