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Desert Dwellers Camping List

We have switched from 57 degree Ruedi to 80 degree sunny Colorado National Monument for the 6/7, Wednesday through 6/9, Friday camping trip. Please pick up your happy campers early on Friday at TRCS if you are able as we plan to be back around Noon or 1PM.

ALSO: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE PLANNED AND CONFIRMED WITH US FOR EITHER OVERNIGHT CAMPING OR TO STAY IN GLENWOOD SPRINGS WITH MR. SHANE AND MISS BREEZIE. Some kids were confused and there has been some back and forth on this question. I had 29 kids on my list for camping at last check.

Gear List:

1)Small tents- No larger than 4-person, please.

2)Sleeping gear (pillow, pad, bags)

3)Sleeping clothes


4)Sun-protective clothing and hats

5)Notebook and pencils for Ranger talk

6)Lunch and snacks for travel times on Wednesday AM and Friday at 10AM.

7)Water bottles

8)Sandals and shoes

9)Sunscreen- no spray cans, please.

I will bring food for dinner Wednesday, breakfast, lunch, and dinner Thursday, and Breakfast Friday. We will keep it simple so we can wander instead of cooking a ton. Families are welcome to send fruit and desserts.

We will miss Ruedi paddleboarding and Biology with Kendall and the CPW crew, but I think this is the right choice. We've never done a desert trip with the MTN School and Saddlehorn Campground will be a great, familiar place for us.

As far as the list above goes, please encourage your kids to think critically about what they need and to prepare. I told them today I wouldn't send a list and it was up to them to forage for food, and build a fire with a bow ;)

Thanks to all for an excellent first day with a fantastic group of kids!



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Jun 06, 2023

Ethan G should be signed up for camping!

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