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Ethan's First Blog Post- The Glenwood Adventure Park

I’m writing about the UPs and DOWNs at the Glenwood Adventure Park. We spent most of the Summer biking and climbing. But then we decided to do something completely different! I remember getting on the bus and driving to downtown Glenwood and getting on the gondola and going crazy. First we went to a big box that inside was like a maze. When I went in it I thought I was going to get lost.

After that we went to the giant electric swing. I didn’t go on it because it goes too fast and too high. Then we went to the canyon flyer/the tree. I didn’t go on it because I was too short. Third we went to the HAUNTED MINE DROP!

Nobody went on the mine drop because they were too scared. Fourth we had lunch. Fifth we went to the ferris wheel. It was small and slow but still fun. Sixth we played laser tag. It was hard and fun. Seventh we went back down the gondola and drove back to school. To go home mom’s/dad’s picked everyone up.

Everybody was thinking about how fun the Adventure Park was. They all loved it. Something I learned about myself was that I should try new things even if it’s scary.

Author: Ethan Canady (Age 7)

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