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First week Recap/Parent’s Night Out

Dear MTN School Family,

Thank you for working with us during the exciting and varied first week of school. No doubt we are all feeling more grounded as we begin week two, though new students are still joining us to have that first day feeling all over again. Please call me at (970)989-4238 if you have questions.

In any case, we felt ready to add more. The following is a nice invitation from Shane Heater, who is the Director of our Sopris Elementary program, and Ethan and James Canady who loaded and stacked a ton of firewood for The Yurt.

Hey Parents,

The Mountain School is hosting Parents Night out September 25, a Saturday.

We will have pizza, snacks, drinks and dessert. We will also be partaking in some fun games and a movie to wrap up the night.

We will run from 5:30 to 10pm. Pick up and drop off will be located at Sopris Elementary School. Then we will shuttle the kids up to the Yurt for this eventful evening!

Event: Parents Night Out

Date: September...

Time: 5:30 to 10:00PM

Pick Up & Drop Off Location: Sopris Elementary

Price: $35 per child

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