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Homework Assignment #3

Graded in two categories:

1) I did as much of this preparation as possible on my own.

2) I checked the list and can demonstrate detailed, careful packing.

Please share a picture to show your work. Homework is due by 7:30 PM on Monday, 6/13.

Please think about what you need to be comfortable and prepared for camping and time outdoors by the water. What should be in your backpack? Do you have two big water bottles? Do you have a plan to keep your skin protected from sun? Which is better, a hat and long-sleeved shirt or a bottle of sunscreen?

Bonus points if you can think of preparation that will help everyone have fun and feel great. For example, Ethan found a cool frisbee for the water and we have lots of extra PFD’s and tents in case someone doesn’t have his/her own.

Please use this picture as an example. This is Mr. Ben’s, Ethan’s and James’ gear already packed. There are some things not pictured because they are already at school. Let’s put them in the trailer tomorrow and think ahead about packing on Tuesday morning! On the 1-4 grading scale, I would give Ethan a 4 on both grading categories. And because James is six, he would be graded on an adjusted scale. He gets a 4 in category one and a 2 in category 2. 😂

Can‘t wait!!

MTN School Summer 2022 Camping Trips Packing List: -Clothing:
  • Long sleeve sunshirt

  • T shirt

  • Shorts

  • Socks

  • Swimwear or Quick dry clothing

  • Warm layers for night time

  • Clothing should include summer clothing that can get wet and or dirty. Quick dry clothing always works great. Comfy clothes for star gazing and sleeping.

  • We will be camping out for two nights in total so consider that when packing clothes

-Sun Protective Wear:

  • This should include hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, sunshirts.

-Camping Tent

  • 2-3 person tents are best. Best for smaller group size management, and best for ease of set up. Great idea to have kids test tent set up, but we will help.

-Sleeping Gear:

  • Sleeping bag, sleeping mat, blow up sleeping mat, pillow.

-Flashlight or Head Lamp -Water Bottle (Water is available at camp -Footwear:

  • Hiking shoes, hiking boots, water shoes/sandals, comfy shoes for the campsite.

- Mess Kit

  • This can include camping utensils, bowl/plate.

-Water Activities Gear

  • Which can include; pfd, paddle board, tubes Please note that PFDs are extremely important to pack.

  • Please note that space is limited in our trailer, some gear may be left behind if we do not have enough room. The Mountain School has communal paddle boards and tubes that can be shared.


  • This should include a toothbrush, toothpaste, medication, and any other specific toiletry items that your child may use in the morning or at night.

*A book or journal is definitely allowed/encouraged but do not send your child with any electronics. *All meals and snacks will be provided during the camping trips. While prepping and preparing meals we will consider specific food allergies like: nut allergies, dairy allergies, and gluten allergies.

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