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July Calendar

Calendar and Roster are set. We will do our best to fulfill all these trips, and will keep smaller groups at Two Rivers Community School for standing projects and reprieves as needed

July 1- Independence Pass (Swim, Fish, Cave)

July 2- Flattops Road Trip

July 5- July 4th Holiday

July 6- Indoor Archery/Garden and Greenhouse at TRCS

July 7-9- Ruedi- Dearhamer Campground Reservation. Our plan is to finalize the list of overnight campers this week. There is an extra cost associated with food/drink and overnight supervision at our group site. Please visit the web store to reserve.

For those not camping overnight, I will shuttle back and forth from Ruedi to TRCS on Wednesday and Thursday, but will not be able to maintain day campers at TRCS on Friday as we are breaking down camp and planning to return to school by early afternoon.

We will pull a trailer up for Stand Up Paddleboards and other toys for the water. Please write me to let me know if you'd like to send a piece of gear and we will bring plenty to share. Lifeguards on duty. Fishing guides on duty.

July 12- Bike/Hike to Dotsero Crater- option to bike or hike. Less capable riders should plan to hike. Focused time on artifact and chert searches on the Ute Trail.

July 13- Defiance Rafting

July 14- Indoor Archery/Garden and Greenhouse at TRCS

July 15- Redstone Ramble- swimming, Penny Hot Springs if access is open, Secret Ninja Waterfall hike. Fishing.

July 16- Eagle Climbing Gym- Pump-o-rama

July 19- Redstone Climbing

July 20- Indoor Archery/TRCS Art/Gardening/Relay Races

July 21- Independence Pass- Hike/Fish/Swim

July 22- Eagle Climbing Gym

July 23 - Crystal Mill Hike

July 26- Wilson Ranch 4H Hootenanny

July 27- 3-Mile Beach Bike Ride/Swim/Fish

July 28- Indoor Archery/Garden and Greenhouse at TRCS

July 29- TRCS Field Day- Relay Races of Ridiculous Complexity

July 30- Eagle Climbing Gym- Pumpfest of Destiny

August- a few families are signed up currently, but we will keep the groups small as Teachers come back to work, and families get tuned up for the school year. Please write me before signing up in the late Summer.

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Caitlin Carey
Caitlin Carey

Looks great!

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