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July Trips and Activities

Monday, 7/8- Rifle Gap Reservoir paddleboard, float, swim, fish. Bring PFD, swimsuit and sunscreen.

Tuesday, 7/9- Rifle Gap Reservoir continued. Bring PFD, swimsuit and sunscreen.

Rifle Mountain Park Rock climbing - bring your own helmet, harness, and shoes if you would like to join this small group.

Wednesday, 7/10- Triathlon. NO BIKES. Swimsuits and PFDs.

(Rifle Gap Overnight camping option for ages 10 and up 7/10-7/11)

Thursday, 7/11- Solar System Scavenger Hunt

(Rifle Gap Overnight campers returning about 2PM. Early pick up!)

Friday, 7/12- Academic morning. Bring a book. Service projects at TRCS.

Rifle Pool PM. Sunscreen and suits.

(Planning for Bogan Flats Camping on Monday.)

***Bogan Flats Group Site overnight camping trip Monday, July 15- Wednesday, July 17. NO DAY CAMP at TRCS.

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What's going on today, the 18th and tomorrow?


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