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MTN 2021- June Calendar

The Mountain School is ramping up for a big Summer Session, and a picture like this is fuel for the fire, grist for the mill, and good reason to keep planning trips and building experiences for kids. Five for five on the target. This little guy is accurate, focused, and very proud of himself. The others who saw him follow instructions and create success were inspired by his great example.

Planning and finishing out the Two Rivers Community School year is giving way to finalizing the Mountain School Calendar. I am thrilled to be adding layers and complexity to the calendar while last May I wondered if we could operate at all. Pausing to appreciate a picture and a moment like this, I can't wait to see what unfolds this Colorado Summer.

Please use the following calendar as a general basis for our June operations. No doubt we will add, adapt, and change as needed to keep our Team moving in unison.

June 1- Orientation/Ice-Breakers/Team Challenges

First Aid Kit building

Rules and Practice of Hazard Identification

Hike to and above Mitchell Creek Fish Hatchery

June 2- Safety Talk

Road trip to 4-Mile Park- Larkspur sketches, creek time, Fir forest exploration

June 3- Yurt trip- screen-printing, reading groups, Archery

June 4- Black Canyon National Park Road Trip

(Return by 7 PM)

June 7- Get Air Grand Junction (Bring grippy socks or rent them on the cheap)

Wild Horse search near DeBeque

June 8- Biking on Glenwood Canyon bike path (Grizzly Creek Area- working with a

Biologist and National Forest guide)

June 9- Thomas Lakes Hike on Mount Sopris (Steep and long, but with Cutthroat

Trout in the icy lake)

June 10- Eagle Climbing Gym and Eagle Whitewater Area

June 11- Math with Movement and Screen Printing (Earn your T-shirt design ethic)

June 14- Crown Mountain Bike Park (Watermelon party)

June 15- Get Air Grand Junction

June 16- Lift Up Volunteer Day (packing and distributing lunches/meals for those in need.)

June 17- Fly Fishing Bonanza!!! (option for an elite team with headlamps to stay out until

8:30 PM with Master Guides for the Green Drake Hatch.)

June 18- Eagle Climbing Gym and Whitewater Area (getting strong by now...)

June 21- Get Air Grand Junction

June 22- Fly Fishing and River time- location TBD

June 23- Outdoor Rock Climbing in Redstone (Older and Younger group schedule with

option to stay at TRCS and work on standing projects)

June 24- Eagle Climbing Gym- Yoga, Gymnastics, balance equipment

June 25- Yurt Day- Kid Choice (Earned)

June 28- Bikes up Rio Grande and Crystal River Trails

June 29- Get Air Grand Junction

June 30- Bike/Fish/Swim- Grizzly Creek (option to build Fishing Rod from Dogwood or use

Tenkara-style rods to fish for Brook Trout. )

Standing projects: Pump Track work at The Yurt

4X8 hoop houses and container gardens

Screen Printing

Microscope work: Bacteria colonies, leaves and plants, structural color

TRCS Greenhouse maintenance

Wood-burning art projects

Reading Groups

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