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MTN School update: recurring invoices and upcoming full-day trips

Dear MTN School family,

And just like that it's Thanksgiving Break! I hope you all have a happy week off with family. Shane is starting the week off right by taking two full-day trips to Fruita Paleontological Area and the Hunter-Fryingpan Wilderness. And Aaron is planning ahead for Ski Trips with kids to Sunlight Mountain on Friday, December 17th, Monday, December 20th, and Monday, January 3rd. I wanted to get the word out early on those kid-friendly ski days before we iron out a few details. These trips will be limited capacity and will only work for kids old enough to be proficient on the ski lift. 7-years-old is our suggested youngest participant.

My part has been a little less exciting lately, but I've enjoyed trips to all of the schools. Teachers are working hard to make the after-school session fun, relaxing, team-building, outdoor, and varied. Steph and Heather have started a fun and athletic dance class on Tuesdays at GSES. I'm still sore :) Aaron is taking his crew to the Roaring Fork Equine Medical Center today, TRCS is heading to South Canyon/Canyon Creek. We've been library-touring, slacklining, sketching, and relaxing at all of the local parks.

I popped in on the SES group last week and was so happy to see Shane leading a full-participation Yoga session. Mindful Mondays might be extending into the rest of the week over there :)

Last thing (important thing): I would love to start more families on the recurring invoice plan. Not to worry, but I've been spending too much time up and down the lists trying to make sure of things. This is a new website feature that would help keep us organized and predictable for those families who are thinking ahead like we are. Maybe January is a good time to start. Or write me this week and I can arrange it for the shortened December schedule and 2022.

As always, please keep in touch and let us know how we can help. I am so grateful for these hard-working, compassionate Teachers. Please let them know they are appreciated too.

Respectfully... long-windedly :),



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