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New beginnings! (After School Schedule through March 10th)

Updated: Mar 2

The Canady Family is growing!

Brooke and new baby are 14 weeks along. Due date August 25!

So it looks like we will be riding the kid wave a little while longer😂.

Please read to end and familiarize your crew with the planning. I'm starting a $1 for one-minute to buckled up in vehicle policy. Will begin training tomorrow and record-keeping tomorrow. And, it's a good time to reiterate some quick asks because Miss Breezie has joined the Team.

2/21 Tuesday- Quick Science lesson on the miracle of birth. Sketches on same. Girl names: brainstorm and early voting.

2/22 Wednesday- Yurt trip. Fort focus only. Quick lesson on United States Presidents of note. Snowpack is deep and ready for blocks. Reading circles. Return to TRCS by 4:30.

2/23 Thursday- Silver Surfer van to Canyon Creek Schoolhouse.

2/24 Friday- Gym day. Popular choice for sports and time trials on obstacle course.

2/27 Monday- Painting- acrylics on canvas boards

2/28 Tuesday- Painting- acrylics on canvas boards part two. This is Miss Breezie's plan and I'm crossing my fingers that her ski-hurt knee is on the mend! Please wish her well!

3/1 Wednesday- Yurt trip. Fort focus. Reading Circles.

3/2 Thursday- "Yes Day!" Wish me luck 🤣 Plan for Yes Day to be dialed in during previous two days. Silver Surfer trip.

3/3 Friday- Gym Day

3/6 Monday- Painting Day- acrylic on canvas boards

3/7 Tuesday- Free Choice Game Day. Six to Eight choices plus games kids want to share from home.

3/8 Wednesday- Yurt Trip. Quick lesson on the history of Money. Currencies from around the world and fun facts. Cross-pollinating with Miss Brooke on this one. So much fun calling her that lately😂

3/9 Thursday- Kid-Friendly Saint Patrick's Day with zero candy and/or green sugar. Silver Surfer trip.

3/10 Friday- Gym Day. Accuracy. Perseverance. Teamwork drills.

Quick asks:

-Please text to confirm pickup. It's the law.

-Please send Winter Gear especially on Yurt Days.

-Please thank these great students for their focused clean-up day on Wednesday! The MTN School: capturing great lifeskills since 2019🤣

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