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Overnight Camping at Ruedi Reservoir- NO TRCS coverage for day childcare Friday

Last year’s Ruedi camping trip was a highlight, and I’m working hard to build on that this year. Unfortunately we have two currents that don’t quite mix. My numbers indicate two thirds of our July campers or more will not stay to tent camp on Wednesday and Thursday night.

I do understand it’s not a great fit for some of the youngest kids, but I’m still hoping to add 5-10 more kids to the roster. If we can accomplish this it will relieve our staff and myself from shuttling 20 or more kids in two large vehicles. We are hoping to avoid the trip twice daily, and I certainly remember the benefits and bonding we enjoyed while staying out together with qualified, background-checked Teachers and chaperones.

Please write to say if your child can attend camping overnight to help me plan food and drink quantities and hopefully to relieve the significant demands day users will place on transportation and staffing.

Thursday morning, we will plan to leave from TRCS to rejoin our overnight campers at 7:45 AM sharp. Kendall Bakich And her team of CPW Fisheries Biologists will present at Dearhamer Campground at 10AM, and we will need two hours to bus there.

Most importantly:

We will not shuttle on Friday morning. Please do not expect to meet us for typical day operations on Friday morning. We will remain at Ruedi after overnight camping on Thursday night. Again, No TRCS coverage for typical day camp on Friday, 7/9.

As usual, we will update on the return to TRCS timeframe as we break camp and head back to base.

Kids should be prepared for water activities and should bring Personal Floatation and safety gear. We will lifeguard intently and will work out a group safety plan on site.

In trying to serve the best interest of the group and the big picture, I need to ask again if we can send kids overnight and suspend at least some of the daily commuter load.

Please let us know what you think.


MTN School Team

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