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Rainy Day reprieve and August Summer Schedule

Reading and drawing time was peaceful this morning. The kids spent a long time summarizing, retelling and discussing while the rain poured.

Since lunch, we’ve shifted to movies, video games, and air hockey. Not a typical day, but the kids are having a blast.

August schedule as follows:

8/3- Red Mtn. Hike/Race

8/4- 4 Mile Park Hike to “The Fort”

8/5- Ducky Float Defiance Rafting (shifted to Thursday due to weather and with four Teachers planned. Youngest kids can float from No Name to West Glenwood with immediate adult supervision. Life jackets provided by Defiance Rafting Company.)

8/6- TRCS Day which will include cleaning our summer classroom and gardening. Then we will end the day with snacks and a PIZZA PARTY!

8/9- Lorax Trail Hike in Carbondale (mud dependent)

8/10- Bike Day at Yurt Pump Track

8/11- Bike Day at Crown Mtn Bike Park

8/12- Bike Day at Coal Creek in Redstone

8/13- Last Day of Camp Adventure Park Day (families that have season passes please send your kids with the pass) also families should send kids with money for extras during the day. Early prediction is that the Heater/Canady team will own the laser tag course.

Big thank you to Superdad Eric Brotherson for helping our large group access the Adventure Park with a generous ticket donation!

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