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Sopris Elementary schedule and norms (8/28-9/15)

I will be at school early to make the rounds and share these plans:

Meet every day at the restrooms by the cafeteria. Take time. Wash hands.

Parent pickup 5:00 to 5:15 at the bus loop near the playground. Will train the kids to be ready and incentivize efficiency.

Text messages to sign kids in about 3:35. Parents to text sign out message just prior to arrival.


8/28 Monday- Icebreakers, hand-up stand-up pair-up, name game competition. Field trip to gym/"This is how we use and clean up the gym."

8/29 Tuesday- This is our home range. Walk our SES boundaries. Play Sardines.

8/30 Wednesday- Yurt Orientation. Field study at 57 Oakland Knoll.

8/31 Thursday- Mr. Shane day!

9/1 Friday- Mr. Shane day!

9/4- No School or MTN School on Labor Day

9/5 Tuesday- Begin cane pole fishing project. Tenkara-style fishing from Japan. Safety. Gear

9/6 Wednesday- Cane pole fishing project continued- cut and peel Serviceberry, Dogwood poles. Knots. Fly selection.

9/7 Thursday- River safety. First picture and observations. Record CFS and hear students retell the importance of this measurement. "Fishin' ain't catchin'!"

9/8 Friday- Fishing

9/11 Monday- Wild plant ID and harvest- Mullein, Hawthorn berries, Yarrow, Apricots/Plums if any left. "Don't eat it without asking!"

9/12 Tuesday- Fishing and Beach time

9/13 Wednesday- Yurt trip for Archery with kid-friendly bows.

9/14 Thursday- Scavenger Hunt!

9/15 Friday- Playground Triathlon

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