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Summer daydreamin'

After a day of riding powder, my 30th this year, I'm home and working on the Summer ahead.

It was a big move to start this venture, The Mountain School. This time last year I was in the licensure, insurance, business-start process. It was exhilarating, but stressful. This late Winter, I'm reflecting on the great start we've had, the families and students I've gotten to know, the adventures, and the people and places that will make Summer 2020 great. This is about the kids. It's about creating a space for them to laugh, run, learn and connect. We're all fortunate to do that on the Western Slope of Colorado. I still wonder how I ended up in the middle of these swirling snowstorms and riverside boulders.

But to see kids making friends, asking questions, and venturing a little further down the trail is my calling. I am bound to keep doing it, and will work hard to improve my systems, ideas, and oversight of all that we have created together. All of those things, and I still think there might be a little room to relax with it this Summer :) Kids need to lead their own learning, and I will do my very best to empower and listen to every little voice I hear.

There's still a ton of snow to come, and the After school version of The Mountain School is keeping things warm, but I can't wait to see it all go down this Summer. Mr. Hays is right there with me, along with some of the best-ever students I've taught. They're in High School now, but they're still game for another adventure too. I'm even working on Mrs. Canady to finally make that career change she keeps talking about :)

Oh the caves we'll drop, the rivers we'll raft, the fish we'll catch (and release), the crags we'll climb, the trail mix we'll eat (not just the candy bits), the bikes we'll ride, the fir cones we will collect and learn fractions with, the sketchbooks we'll fill, the forests we'll explore, the waterfalls we will watch rainbows under... the friends we'll make.

Yep. Can't wait!

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