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Thanksgiving Break Explorers

These last two full day trips have been amazing for me and The Mountain School team. It feels like summer all over again!

I just wanna thank all the families for signing there students up.. I also wanna thank all the parents for communicating effectively with me. These days are great experiences for the students. They are able to learn and experience the outdoors. We had a blast!!

On 11/22 we piled into the silver surfer van and made the 2 hour to drive to Meredith Colorado. We drove up road 505 and it was very snowy. We stopped and found a great spot to explore for the day! After we filled our bellies with some lunch the group decided to build a fort. The boys started building there fort and got it up extremely fast. Mahlon Pollender who was a new edition to our staff helped the group of boys build the best fort ever! The girls wanted to get in on the fun so they decided to gather sticks and other materials to build there own fort! We spent the rest of the afternoon bush-wacking and exploring the snowy forest. On our long drive back to the Glenwood area we decided to stop in Carbondale at local playground and finish the afternoon playing our hearts out!

On 11/23 the morning started out similar as the previous day. It was cold so we piled in the Silver Surfer Van to stay warm. Once all the students arrived we started our journey to Fruita Colorado! We arrived at the Fruita Paleontological Area and began our hunt for fossils. We searched in a river bed during the early afternoon and the students enjoyed searching for cool rocks! After our fossil search we decided to take a little hike to find the best spot to stop for lunch. We trekked through the desert terrain and made it to a really cool lunch spot on a huge sandstone cliff!! After our bellies were full we continued our journey and hiked 2 miles to Skinner Cabin. While at Skinner cabin we discussed what life was like for early settlers in the desert environment! We made it back to the van and as soon as we began our journey home lots of students were fast asleep! All of the students earned a treat by the end of the day, so we stopped off in New Castle for some popsicles! After our much deserved treat we headed back to Glenwood for pick up time!

Two amazing days! Thank you all, and enjoy this time off with family and friends!

Reminder! Aron Abeyta is working diligently to plan 3 full day ski trips up at Sunlight Mountain during Christmas break. More details to come, so please keep checking the website!


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