Trail Blazers!!!

What an amazing school year so far over at Sopris Elementary! I want to thank all of the Sopris families for the great communication over the last few weeks! This has been an awesome experience for me and The Mountain School.

It is our goal to give your children the opportunity to learn and experience the outdoors, encourage students to connect with the outdoors, create a community that promotes individuality, and create a mindful approach to adventure and field activities! So far so good!

What a great day today! We hiked on the Babbish Gulch Trail and nearly made it a mile!!

We learned about aspen trees and the best plant for toilet paper (skunk cabbage)!

The students spent 5 min of the hike in total silence and this gave them the opportunity to observe and listen to nature!

Annalise is a trooper for helping out Isabella on our walk back.

My other counselors have been a great help. They provide more insight on activities and topics! Annalise and Sofia rock!

Of course you have to take on silly picture!


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