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TRCS November Activity Schedule

Please make sure your child is prepared to embrace the cold weather with proper gear! Jackets, winter hats, and gloves are excellent gear to send with your child for Mountain School.


Monday: Take Flight

  • Paper Airplane Construction

  • Toss Tournament

Tuesday: Changing Seasons

  • Fall to Winter

  • It's that time of year! Squirrels store nuts and acorns, bears hibernate, and birds migrate to warmer climates.

Wednesday: Warrior Games

  • MTN School Olympics

  • Rowdy Relay

Thursday: 3 D Solar System Project

  • Earth & Mars Addition


  • Bring 3 Mars facts on 11/10



Monday: Reading Circles, Read-a-Loud for the littles

  • Bring a Book

Tuesday: Hibernation & Migration

Wednesday: Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Thursday: Crafty & Creative

  • Gobble Gobble Art

  • Who is never hungry on Thanksgiving???

The turkey because it is already stuffed.

Friday: 3 D Solar System Project

  • Jupiter Construction


  • Bring 3 Jupiter facts on 11/13




Monday: Knots!!!

  • Bowline Knot

  • Slip Knot

  • Hitch

Tuesday: Stomp Rocket Project

Wednesday: Mitchell Creek Adventure

  • Celebration of Winter

Thursday: Outdoor Experience

  • Leave No Trace

  • What is "leave no trace"

Friday: 3 D Solar System Project

- Mountain School Team

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